Which CMS is right for you?

When you build a website you want as much control as possible to make the site look just the way you want it. Using a CMS like WordPress, Weebly, or Wix makes it so you don’t have to know code in order to build a website. You can build a complete website using any of them without knowing any HTML or CSS. I do however recommend knowing at least some if you plan to customize your website.

I will be reviewing each of these CMS and recommend one based on common needs of a website. I hope you find this information helpful as that is my goal.


WordPress is my favorite and preferred CMS, that is when it comes to having your own domain as it gives lots of customizable options. However it is probably one of the more difficult CMS to learn and having some HTML/CSS knowledge is helpful. Having knowledge in PHP is also helpful but not required in my opinion. You can fully customize WordPress whether you want a simple blog or fully functional website. There are so many plugins (3rd plugins too) that makes it so you can do just about anything. WordPress is also very SEO friendly as I’ve heard it is even favored by Google. I would not recommend having a free WordPress as that limits your customization options. You can purchase the ability to customize more than the free version but in my opinion is not worth the money. For that I would recommend another CMS which I will mention in a review.


If your looking for a free website I would highly recommend Weebly as it offers more customization options than WordPress (the free version). No coding is required but I find it helpful to have knowledge of HTML/CSS in order to customize moderately heavy. Weebly however, in my opinion, lacks in templates. My recommendation for Weebly is to only use if you have a website where you don’t care that it ends in weebly (yoursite.weebly.com).


Wix is super easy especially for someone without any coding experience. It’s a very simple drag and drop CMS. It does have its drawbacks though. One drawback that I have heard of is once you get started with a template, customize it to how you want and add all your content; if you decide you want to switch to another template – you lose all your work. It doesn’t transfer to the new site. Personally, which might be because I like HTML/CSS, I do not like Wix. That is my personal opinion though from a non-technical background Wix is a very good choice.

I hope this post of CMS sites is helpful to you. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions or concerns.

Did I not review your preferred CMS? I know there are others out there and I’d be willing to mess around with them and give my thoughts. Please comment below if you have any recommendations of CMS for me to review and take a look at.