Basic HTML Website Part 2 – Adding CSS

  • Basic HTML Website Part 2 – Adding CSS

    This post is a continuation of the previous one: Basic HTML Website – Tutorial on creating a basic HTML Website. Now that we have our structure in place, we can now add CSS, which is if you remember from my skeleton example, is like skin on a human body. It is what makes it look […]

  • Basic HTML Website – tutorial on creating a basic html website

    Basic HTML Website Tutorial Have you ever wondered how a simple, basic html website is built? To be honest, it is very easy to learn and understand even for a non–web designer (in my opinion). You don’t need to be an HTML expert to know how to create a site. Learning some basic HTML and […]

  • Image Optimization

    What does image optimization mean? Simply put it is the process of making image sizes smaller so a website will load faster. Having too large of images, that is the file size, is one way that can slow down your website. If you have an image on your site that only needs to be 800 […]