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    Why Updating Word Press Matters

    Why is it so important to update Word Press? One of the main reasons you want to update Word Press is because of security. Word Press is an open source software – which means many people, maybe even you, contributes to Word Press. On the flip side it also means that hackers might find vulnerabilities and compromise your website. More details on that further down. I’m going to mention a few reasons why you want to update Word Press – which includes core, plugin and theme updates. Please feel free to comment on this post at the bottom of the page.

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    1 – Word Press Security

    Word Press websites account for 26.5% of all websites worldwide. Word Press also accounts for 59.5% off content management systems (CMS) websites. These include other CMS like joomla, drupal, magento, etc. With Word Press being the most popular CMS and a quarter of all websites in the world, hackers are likely spending more time with websites like yours. They will be searching for vulnerabilities and if they find one your website will be compromised. This is why its important to stay up-to-date on core, plugin, and theme updates. If you have the latest then you will not have to fear being hacked. If you don’t update very often then you will likely run into problems and hopefully you have a good backup of your Word Press site. If you get anything out of this post remember this. Word Press Security – keep your Word Press, plugins, and themes updated and you will be protected against hackers.

    If you have any questions or need help with updates please email us at or message us on our facebook page (typically faster response).

    2 – New Features / Improvements

    One of the great things about updating is it generally comes with new features or improvements. Improvements can be anything from speeding up your website, faster plugin updates, etc. Building new content can become much easier just from updating. If you don’t update you won’t be getting the latest and greatest. Aside from security issues as discussed above, you won’t be experiencing the same Word Press as those who have updated. Another thing is you might experience trouble trying to find help online. It is generally accepted that you have the latest Word Press update. If you ask question in a forum one of the first things someone might as is “have you updated to the latest Word Press”? Sometimes just updating will fix issues that you may be experience. Update your site and you will be experiencing the same Word Press as other users.

    3 – Word Press Bug Fixes

    Despite all the testing and updates Word Press releases, no one is perfect. Bugs slip through the cracks. Word Press is constantly looking for bugs and making releases to fix these bugs. Often they come as a minor version update.  These usually look like Word Press update 4.x.x which means its a minor version probably to fix some newly found bugs. A major update would be 4.x where there will likely be new features and / or improvements. Skipping these updates may not be the end of the world but you will have to deal with the little bugs. Update often so you have less bugs. Besides I doubt you want a bunch of bugs crawling around your website.

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    4 – Hire A Professional

    Your time is best spent on what you already know – your business. Don’t waste your time trying to figure out how to make updates let alone if your site is ready for updates. Focus on your business and hire a professional to worry about all of the Word Press updates and backups of your website. It will save you time (and a lot of frustration). If something does go wrong you can trust that your website will be up and running shortly. Hire us and take advantage of our maintenance plan (details below). Contact us at or send us a message on our facebook page (typically faster response).

    Take advantage of our monthly maintenance plan

    Each plan includes:
    Core, Theme & Plugin Updates
    Security Monitoring
    Weekly Backups of database
    Site Restore
    Unlimited content editing to existing pages

    We have three plans to choose from
    $69 / month OR $690 / year (billed annually)
    $79 / month OR $790 / year (billed annually) *domain & hosting included
    $85 / month OR $850 / year (billed annually) *2 hours monthly edits (existing content or new content) included

    BNWS also can build your website (Word Press or other CMS) if you need that. We offer competitive pricing among other services like branding, domains, and hosting. Please contact us if you have any questions. We are happy to provide you with an affordable professional website.

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